Published on April 25, 2013, 10:21 am

Woman is arrested with 10 kg of cocaine on Brasilia airport

On the morning of Tuesday (23), a woman was arrested by the Federal Police carrying more than 10 kilos of pure cocaine in Brasília International Airport.

The young woman came from the north and was headed to the Northeast after a stopover in Brasilia. The Federal Police did not disclose what was the point of shipment and where would be their fate.

The PF is now investigating women’s participation in the crime. There is the possibility that she is just a “mule”, traveling to transport drugs, or part of a gang.

The arrest was made in the act, after an x-ray examination revealed the drug in her luggage. Currently, the woman is in custody at the Federal Police Superintendent and may take up to 15 years in prison after his trial.