Published on March 29, 2012, 4:16 pm

Tips to arrange the luggage

Dicas para arrumar as malas viagem

First of all, and always taking into account the purpose and duration of travel: make a list of everything you want to take, and be sure to take it with you, don’t forget any itens when you come back.

The choice of the bag is also extremely important. Always go for those that have handles and wheels, after all, bags are weight.

Shoes: These should always be placed at the bottom of the bag in plastic bags, not to stain or leave unpleasant odors on clothes. Let it the inside of shoes and sneakers to store the socks.

Important note: Never let that amazing new shoe to be used only on the trip. It can cause blisters, to hurt your feet so much and still mess up your vacancies.

Pants: Put them straight with your legs out of the bag. Only after everything tidy, then, put your legs into the trunk. This optimizes the space and prevents the pants creases on the trip.

Shirts and T-shirts: Fold them and then do it “rolls” with them. Thus they can be arranged side by side, top, trousers and skirts suits and jackets.

Shawls, scarves, scarfs and ties can also be rolled up and stored in the vacant spaces of the trunk. The same goes for the underwear.

Hygiene and beauty: Like medications, must be saved for last and always in plastic bags. Consider also the possibility to purchase basic hygiene items like shampoo, soap, etc., on arrival at destination, to gain space in your bag or hand luggage, also the most part of european airport forbid liquid above 200ml.

Medications: For constant use, always with a prescription. If the journey is outside, be sure to provide a recipe in English.

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