Published on July 4, 2013, 3:14 pm

Detran has fined more than 141 vehicles in Brasilia airport

On the second day of strict inspection taken by Detran-DF in Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport, about 141 cars were notified that they were stationed in irregular places and nine others were taken to the depot. The operation began on Tuesday (2). Last week, Detran conducted several educational campaigns such as “fines lie” that were applied to scare the drivers who were stationed in forbidden places, causing them to awareness.

Earlier on Wednesday (3), an operation was carried out in the area next to the terminal with five teams, a winch and five cars. Only this morning, about 50 vehicles were given fines and who recorded most serious faults were taken to deposit the Detran.

Fines range between R$ 53 and R$ 127.69. Transactions will occur every day until the number of violations is reduced.