Published on April 15, 2013, 9:43 am

Auction in Manaus Airport raises R$ 657,000

On Thursday (11), the IRS managed to raise £ 657 000 with the auction of 64 batches of goods seized at Eduardo Gomes Airport in Manaus. Among the lots available for sale, 59 were sold to consumers. In all, there were 156 competitors, from individuals and corporations.

According to a statement released the week before the auction, the prediction is that the IRS would collect about R$ 300,000 with the auction. However, just lots of wine came to R$ 251,000.

In addition to wines, were auctioned products like garments, bags, watches and perfumes imported, telephone equipment, electronic, computer and parts, vehicles and musical instruments. The auto parts and industrial supplies did not arrive to be auctioned.