Published on January 18, 2013, 7:01 pm

Only three bus lines serving Fortaleza airport

Arriving at the airport in Fortaleza city, there are only two transportation options: taxis and buses. With taxis, you can count on a good space to accommodate your bags and enjoy air conditioning, however, the price can be very expensive. Already with the bus, which costs only R $ 2.20 you have the ability of touring the city, but it has no place for luggage and even refrigerated air.

Besides the discomfort inside the bus, are only three lines that serve the airport, besides the “owl” (bus running at dawn), and have a range of approximately one hour.

Several passengers using the buses quit when they realize there isn’t an appropriate place to take their luggage, forcing them to pay more for taxi services. The problem is even greater for airport employees and others who needed to get around the site daily.

According to information from the City of Fortaleza, a Mobility Plan will be presented in late January, with the objective to cater to tourists during the World Cup. The projects, which have already been defined, will still be improved. However, the main idea is to ensure mobility in the city in all the sights involved with the World Cup.

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