Published on April 10, 2013, 11:41 am

Investment in regional airports comes into discussion

Danillo de Freitas, Secretary of Infrastructure and Juliano Alcantara, Secretary of Regional Airports, said after meeting in Brasilia last Friday (5), which Itumbiara, a municipality located in Goiás, is in the national investment in small airports and medium.

Other airports, like the Aruanã, São Miguel do Araguaia and Posse, also in the state of Goiás, should also be included in the project, according to Juliano Alcantara.
Danillo de Freitas has already announced that this inclusion should be answered only in the second stage of the program of works, but just as Itumbiara is already included in the national investment, the airports of, Minaçu, Alto Paraíso, Pirenopolis, Anapolis, Jataí , Rio Verde, Catalão and Caldas Novas are also.