Published on November 1, 2012, 5:27 pm

46 thousand people must circulate in Brasilia airport this hollyday

Around 2.8 million people are expected to travel this holiday between 63 airports in Brazil, besides the terminals of Guarulhos, Campinas and Brasilia. It is estimated that 46 thousand people pass only at Brasilia International Airport, between arrivals and departures.

The forecast for this year gets to be 8% higher than the same period last year, reaching 542,700 people moving between airports only on the day of the holiday, November 2.

Infraero already triggered a special operation for the loading and unloading occur without major problems. Among the actions are strengthening the operational teams, security, cleaning, through scale relocation of work of employees. The terminals will also receive preventive actions, such as maintenance of equipment.

Officials identified will also circulated by airports to provide assistance to passengers.