Published on June 12, 2013, 4:14 pm

Movement in Brasilia airport is expected to grow 23% over the weekend

The concessionaire that manages the airport Juscelino Kubistcheck in Brasilia, predicts an increase of 23% over the normal movement of the terminal. During the weekends, the airport receives 117,000 passengers, but it is expected that with the Confederations Cup this number will reach 153,000.

To meet the demand, the Inframérica has announced it will increase attendance providing more staff and numbers of parking spaces.

The amount of employees will work in special operation mainly between 12 hours before the game and 12 hours after. The first match of the Confederations Cup is scheduled for this Saturday (15), 4 P.M.

According to Mariano Mobília, director of terminal operations, this is the time when the airport is at the peak of its movement.

The increase in the number of staff is 35%, from 293 to 396.

The airport will also feature 12 phones with direct access to the customer service sector, where the user can make suggestions, complaints and have the answers to its questions.