Published on May 27, 2013, 3:17 pm

New rule for bidding at airports is passed by the House of Representatives

Approved a provisional measure by the House of Representatives last week, which deals with the Development Fund of the Central West. The measure aims to increase resources for the operations of the Caixa, one of government’s banks of Brazil.

Is also provided allowing the use of funds from the National Civil Aviation (FNAC) for public airports are retired, using the rules of the Scheme Differentiated Contracts (RDC).

The funds for these works should from the Banco do Brazil or its subsidiaries.

According to the proposal rapporteur, Mr Lucio Vieira Lima (PMDB-BA), using the RDC will make Infraero to become a more competitive company in the execution of works in airports. One goal is that people do not get more than 100 km away from an airport.

The provisional measure will need to be approved until June 3 by the Senate to possess validity.
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